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Try to find these Tiny Doors hidden in plain sight within Frisco, Colorado.

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A community project to explore and enjoy Frisco, Colorado Knock! Knock! Welcome to Tiny Doors Frisco, a free interactive community art project which we invite you to join. We encourage people of all ages to get outside and find tiny doors that have been hidden in plain sight within public areas of Frisco, Colorado. You can find clues about where to find tiny doors on our Facebook community page. You will also find information about Frisco such as things to do, upcoming events, nature and history. Bring along your ideas, decorations, props, and toys! Get creative and add your own touch to the project, then post your pictures and tell others all about it.

Enjoy your time searching around town. We hope you discover something new. Maybe you will be the first to find a new tiny door in Frisco! Please add your own imagination to the project and take the time to share this with your family and friends.


Copper Mountain Resort

Fantastic view of Copper Mountain, Colorado from the top of the Ten Mile Range.............WOW!

Posted by Carbonate Real Estate and Property Management on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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