Tiny Doors Frisco
Local's Guide

From the intersection of Main Street and Fifth Avenue in Frisco, Colorado, look east and walk towards Lake Dillon along Main Street to Foote's Rest. As shown in the postcard, at 510 Main Street, you can see an attached one story section of the home. This was the original 14' x 14' structure built by Louis A. Wildhack in 1882. It is the oldest structure along Main Street. The front door can be viewed from the street and was the entrance to Wildhack's Assayer Office. An Assayer was someone that miners went to have their gold and silver weighed and assessed. His business would expand to include a general store and more ...

In 1905 Wildhack married and added two rooms in back of the office for his residence. During 1914 Wildhack became Frisco's postmaster. In the 1920s he brought lumber from the buildings at the Admiral Mine up Ten Mile Canyon to construct the 2-1/2 story white section. The general store was moved to the new part of the building and post office boxes were built into the wall joining the old and new building. Step inside Foote's Rest and some of Frisco's first post office boxes can be seen to the right of the entrance. Additionally the original cash register, and other relics such as receipts, from Wildhack's general store are on display.

Wildhack was postmaster until 1935 when he sold the property to Guy Cannam who took over post office duties until 1941. During the 1930s, Mr. Cannam continued to operate the general store and added 4 small log cabins to the property which were rented out to travellers. In 1946 Robert and Helen Foote purchased the property and continued operating the general store and motel using the business name Foote's Rest. Robert served as postmaster from 1947 to 1965. Helen taught home economics for 22 years to Summit County students. In 1985 the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The Foote family continues to live in the house and operates their Sweet Shoppe & Eatery on Main Street.