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Word of Mouth is how Tiny Doors Frisco became a free interactive community art project. From one person to another, within a day there were a few more people talking about adding tiny doors in Frisco. The most important thing you can do to support Tiny Doors Frisco is to tell your family, friends and colleagues about this project. Get everyone together to participate and enjoy exploring Frisco looking for tiny doors while adding your own touch to the project.

If you are an indiviudal ... We are always looking for new locations to place tiny doors in public areas. Do you have a favorite place in the Town of Frisco that you would like to suggest for a new tiny door? Share with us where it is! We will review the location and consider it for future projects.

If you are a business ... Do you have a business located in Frisco that you would like to see a new tiny door installed? Contact us with your details and we will get in touch with you to discuss your idea for a new tiny door location.

Each tiny door project is crafted from a base containing a (bare wooden) tiny door frame. Let us know if you are interested in creating a new tiny door for a future location. We provide a 3-3/8"W x 7-3/4"H bare wooden door to start the project. Once placed in a location and discovered, your new tiny door will be added to the site and assigned a #number. Everyone will then be able to share your creation as part of the project. Maybe you are not ready for all of that? See the participation page about adding your own touch to an existing tiny door when you are exploring Frisco.

We are a very (very) tiny (tiny) organization consisting of people in the Frisco community who have volunteered their time and money to present Tiny Doors Frisco. We'd love to have you join in by adding your talents and resources to the project! Let us know how you can help Tiny Doors Frisco. It could be by providing materials for projects or helping with other behind the scenes needs we have. Tell us what you have in mind! Thank you.

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